It starts from dry skin and ends as the best quality leather. During this transition, the skin passes through skilled hands, which turn dry skin into an artistic masterpiece.

MIMA follows the philosophy that “Leather is subject to many processes and its features need to be known so that it is fit for the intended purpose”.

Therefore, in MIMA’s point of view, the most important parameter defined for “QUALITY LEATHER” is that leather should be suitable for the purpose for which it will be used.

In order to implement and follow this concept at all levels of productions, MIMA has acquired the services of trained staff, skilled workforce, and latest technology from Europe. In order to get equipped with the operators of latest equipment & machineries to furnish themselves with technical skills. MIMA leather technicians are trained from England, Italy & Spain. With profound study of market requirement and prevailing trends, these technicians have innovated numerous articles to fullfil the requirements of customer worldwide.

In response to the rapidly changing fashion trends, MIMA believes in the marketing concept of “sailing in the direction of river”. MIMA’s increasing sales figures are thr proof of adoption of this concept.